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Trip and Fall in California?

Sherwood Law is one of the leading law firms in California to call after a trip and fall injury. We guide you through the process of making a claim and seeing you through the end of your case. If you tripped and fell because of someone’s negligence and you were injured, our experienced team will represent you, refer you for top medical care, and seek compensation for your impaired livelihood.

We know how quickly life can change. One moment you’re moving through your daily routine, and the next moment you could experience an accident such as a fall or a slip, and your life changes forever. One single slip may end up costing a lifetime of medical bills and rehab costs. 

Sherwood Law provides representation in all slip, trip, and fall cases. When you understand your rights and file a trip and fall lawsuit, you can hold responsible parties accountable for negligence and earn compensation to help put your life back together.

Call Us after a Slip, Trip, and Fall in Los Angeles County & Ventura County

Sherwood Law knows that life in Los Angeles County and Ventura County can change in an instant after a slip, trip, and fall. Trip and fall injury accidents are categorized as premises liability. When the owner of a property fails to keep his or her building, parking lot, walkway, or residence safe and secure, then they can be held liable for the risk of injury. You need a lawyer for your trip and fall injury to protect your rights, and Sherwood Law is here to help.

As a passionate and dedicated slip and fall law firm, we provide no-cost consultations. We intake all of the necessary information to build your case and then see your case through from start to finish. As your trip and fall injury advocate, we require no upfront fee. We don’t get paid until you receive your recovery for damages. For more information or to receive a free consultation, contact one of our legal specialists today.

Sherwood Law habla español e inglés, por lo que podemos representarlo si ha resultado lesionado. Llámenos para una consulta gratis.

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